• Engineering

    NFC and Apple Card

    When you get your Apple Card, you’re invited to hold your phone near the card to activate it. I wondered if it was communicating with the card or something in the packaging. One destructive outburst later, I had my answer. An NFC device inside the packaging: A quick download of the “Hold” app from the iOS store reveals the simple URL the NFC device prompts the phone to access (and then activate the card):

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  • Engineering

    Embedded LiveWire

    The e-moto has five processors to manage performance and app-based connectivity, according to HD’s chief engineer for EV Technology, Sean Stanley. TechCrunch, “Inside Harley-Davidson’s EV shift with a ride on its LiveWire“ I would very much like to 1) own a LiveWire (had the pure joy of a demo ride back in August) and 2) learn more about these five processors. 🙂 My own photos, taken during the Harley LiveWire Demo Event in August in Seattle at the Wick. Updated May 29, 2021 with a complete gallery from the Demo Event.

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