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    XBox Architecture in Detail

    I saw this on Hacker News today. A nice breakdown of each system in the popular gaming console and a lot of history too. https://www.copetti.org/projects/consoles/xbox/ Photo credit

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    Engineering “Smell”

    In software development, a phrase that gets used frequently is “code smell” – referring to an “odor” that code has or develops due to poor initial design or inattention to refactoring during continued development or maintenance.  Hallmarks of “code smell” include things like copying and pasting blocks of code instead of refactoring into callable functions, classes that have or develop multiple responsibilities, overly broad interfaces, and so on. I think engineering departments can have smell too. Hallmarks of engineering smell include: teams that develop processes, tools and frameworks with no expectation of coordinating efforts with other teams; effort is duplicated and uneven; autonomy and flexibility are valued much more highly…

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    Well now, this is an interesting development: https://www.infoworld.com/article/3544632/microsoft-unveils-net-maui-for-cross-platform-apps.html

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