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    C# based WebAssemblies. Interesting. Official preview was last year. Blazor WebAssembly released a couple months ago.

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    Visual Studio… Remote

    Remote Development is my new favorite VS Code extension. Not only does it seamlessly present the remote file system, it presents the GitHub state like it would for local files and includes an easy to access terminal. Nicely done, Microsoft 🙂

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    XBox Architecture in Detail

    I saw this on Hacker News today. A nice breakdown of each system in the popular gaming console and a lot of history too. https://www.copetti.org/projects/consoles/xbox/ Photo credit

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    Engineering “Smell”

    In software development, a phrase that gets used frequently is “code smell” – referring to an “odor” that code has or develops due to poor initial design or inattention to refactoring during continued development or maintenance.  Hallmarks of “code smell” include things like copying and pasting blocks of code instead of refactoring into callable functions, classes that have or develop multiple responsibilities, overly broad interfaces, and so on. I think engineering departments can have smell too. Hallmarks of engineering smell include: teams that develop processes, tools and frameworks with no expectation of coordinating efforts with other teams; effort is duplicated and uneven; autonomy and flexibility are valued much more highly…

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    Well now, this is an interesting development: https://www.infoworld.com/article/3544632/microsoft-unveils-net-maui-for-cross-platform-apps.html

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    STM32WXX Project

    I’ve been working on a ARM Cortex M4 based weather station with APRS transmitter as part of my Masters in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington. I’m making good progress. It is FreeRTOS based and I’ve gotten all the tasks and queues running and time, location, and weather data flowing. I integrated with the real time clock just to find out that it drifts 5 minutes per hour – looks like I’ll need to periodically re-synchronize that with the GPS signal, LOL. This is a complete rebuild of the Texas Instruments Tiva based project with a better  sensor for weather and an MCU from the much more popular STM32…

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    NFC and Apple Card

    When you get your Apple Card, you’re invited to hold your phone near the card to activate it. I wondered if it was communicating with the card or something in the packaging. One destructive outburst later, I had my answer. An NFC device inside the packaging: A quick download of the “Hold” app from the iOS store reveals the simple URL the NFC device prompts the phone to access (and then activate the card):

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    Embedded LiveWire

    The e-moto has five processors to manage performance and app-based connectivity, according to HD’s chief engineer for EV Technology, Sean Stanley. TechCrunch, “Inside Harley-Davidson’s EV shift with a ride on its LiveWire“ I would very much like to 1) own a LiveWire (had the pure joy of a demo ride back in August) and 2) learn more about these five processors. 🙂 My own photo, taken during the Harley LiveWire Demo Event in August in Seattle at the Wick.

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