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    Cardboards and Plastics

    The family and I headed up to our “local” comic book store, Everett Comics, to pick up the latest issues waiting for us in our subscription box. Because of the pandemic, this involves parking and calling inside the store and asking them to bring them out for curbside delivery. They don’t have a mobile card reader yet (that’s something I can help them with soon) so there is a bit of give and take and back and forth and waiting as they shuttle payment in and out of the store, but that’s another post for another day. What was remarkable about this trip is that — after we checked what…

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    .NET 5 + Blink an LED

    Microsoft announced the release of .NET 5 today… and included an example with the quintessential “blink an LED” that is the Hello World of the embedded IoT space. Can’t wait to try it on one of my development boards. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/announcing-net-5-0/ https://github.com/dotnet/iot/blob/master/samples/led-blink/Program.cs

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    Expertise in Your Craft

    There is a world of distance between being expert in this system and being an actual expert in your chosen craft. The second is seniority; the first is merely .. familiarity https://charity.wtf/2020/11/01/questionable-advice-the-trap-of-the-premature-senior/

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    STM32CubeIDE FreeRTOS Include Paths

    This was odd. I’m noting here so 1) I don’t forget and 2) in case anyone else runs into this. My STM32CubeIDE 1.4.0 based project was building fine, I used the STM32CubeMX editor to unlink PC13 from the user button since it was limiting my RTC configuration. On saving and re-generating, a bunch of my FreeRTOS includes stopped being found by the compiler. Scrutinzing the diff of my .cproject file showed all of the paths had been removed from the configuration. I added them all back in and the project resumed building normally. It is possible this is because I’ve switched to Windows based development for this project, or it…

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    Connected Home Over IP… Progress!

    Announced today: Project Connected Home over IP Connectivity Standard Developing Into Reality Follow along at: https://www.connectedhomeip.com/ Or on GitHub: https://github.com/project-chip/connectedhomeip#connected-home-over-ip

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    Faster WordPress via .NET with PeachPie

    I heard about the PeachPie project recently on the Channel 9 podcast (one of my favorite podcasts) – it allows you to compile PHP and WordPress (and plugins) into .NET. As expected, there is a performance boost and also as expected, you don’t have to worry about arbitrary PHP running on your site – AND you end up being able to select and build the exact versions of WordPress and the plugins you’d like kinda like package.json does for modern Javascript apps. I haven’t tried it yet, but the idea of a performance and security boost and, oh yeah, the ability to write plugins in .NET is enticing for projects…

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    The Engineer/Manager Pendulum

    I am so happy I tapped on Episode 27 of the POPCAST this morning. And so glad Dan interviewed Charity and especially the focus of the podcast: her post about the “Engineer/Manager Pendulum“ I quote: The best frontline eng managers in the world are the ones that are never more than 2-3 years removed from hands-on work, full time down in the trenches. The best individual contributors are the ones who have done time in management. and And the best technical leaders in the world are often the ones who do both. Back and forth.  Like a pendulum. and That’s one of the only ways you can achieve the temporary glory of…

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    Projects… In Progress

    I’ve added a link to my most recent project… which is still in progress – it is an IoT weather station I started developing as part of my MSEE at UW. So happy to be working with embedded devices again. Check out the Projects link in the menu above to learn more. I’ll be adding more media and details to the repository Wikis soon.

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    Azure Sphere

    Microsoft is making in-roads into embedded devices in an interesting way – this walkthough was released just last week. Time to order some more hardware 🙂

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    C# based WebAssemblies. Interesting. Official preview was last year. Blazor WebAssembly released a couple months ago.

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