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    NFC and Apple Card

    When you get your Apple Card, you’re invited to hold your phone near the card to activate it. I wondered if it was communicating with the card or something in the packaging. One destructive outburst later, I had my answer. An NFC device inside the packaging: A quick download of the “Hold” app from the iOS store reveals the simple URL the NFC device prompts the phone to access (and then activate the card):

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    Embedded LiveWire

    The e-moto has five processors to manage performance and app-based connectivity, according to HD’s chief engineer for EV Technology, Sean Stanley. TechCrunch, “Inside Harley-Davidson’s EV shift with a ride on its LiveWire“ I would very much like to 1) own a LiveWire (had the pure joy of a demo ride back in August) and 2) learn more about these five processors. 🙂 My own photo, taken during the Harley LiveWire Demo Event in August in Seattle at the Wick.

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    2019 April Space Station SSTV Event

    This past weekend, I was excited to see that the cosmonauts on the Space Station were commemorating Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space with a special Slow Scan Television (SSTV) broadcast. I hadn’t set up the antenna since we moved into our new home, so I took this as the perfect opportunity to do so. I managed to capture five images over the three days. The carrier was quite strong, but the modulated signal level was very low until the last day. And then I was able to capture a proper image: One of these days I will have to invest in a proper rotator. Got a little wet running out…

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    How to go from Developer to CTO

    An (overly) ambitious title for the post notwithstanding, Simon Dowling offers a fair number of actionable insights on this quick read on the Venturi Group blog, including this: As a CTO you are not there just to further your own agenda, not to just ‘look good’, but to drive the company forward as a whole. You are the single person others look to for decisions on short-term, tactical matters as well as plans for long-term, strategic goals. Nobody is perfect. And trying to be perfect is not your job. Your job is to make informed decisions using the information at hand. Or in cases where there isn’t enough information, to set about collecting more…

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    Don’t let the dangerously innocuous pandas maul your career

    A firm warning about career blind spots from the Harvard Business Review couched in an amusing metaphor. Having assessed over 2,000 CEOs and over 18,000 C-suite leaders since 1995, we are struck by how often careers of talented executives stall or even derail because of seemingly trivial issues, many of which are utterly fixable. We call these types of issues “pandas.” Pandas look innocent, but their powerful jaws deliver a bite stronger than a jaguars’. Pandas can be painfully costly to individuals whose careers stall for reasons unbeknownst to them and to organizations and managers unable to develop talented leaders to their full potential. Elena Lytkina Botelho and Katie Semmer Creagh

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    Why Being Nice as a Leader Backfires

    Valuable advice from the folks at Know Your Team: Ultimately, being nice as a leader is selfish. It doesn’t serve the team. It serves your ego. The team is looking to you to help them achieve a goal. And instead, you’re looking to have your decisions, actions, and yourself perceived as positive by them. Claire Lew

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